Green Mountainbike

Green Mountainbike

>>>Green Mountain Bike World Cup Schladming Planai

Sporting events have become an important commercial factor for the district of Liezen. They help to insure that the local community are identified along with the event and the athletes. Again and again with great pride, the city of Schladming is noted as a City of World Championship events. At the same time large scale events can have a big effect on the environment and therefor many ecological and social issues may arise.

The following measures have been taken into consideration during the planning and implementation of the Mountain Bike World Cup.
Green Mountainbike

Fair play in the forest - the first Austrian mountian bike learning track.

Establishment of the first Austrian mountain bike trail - a contribution to the environment and its sustainability.

A Folder "FAIR PLAY in the forest" should make the tips and rules of conduct widely available.

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Mobility - "away from the car and on to the bike - more trails on foot"

Planned actions:

  • ÖBB-Combi ticket: - up to 60 % dicount on travel
    Minus 10 % on day tickets and 3 Tagespass for only €15,-
    City bus travel for free during the entire event
    Rental bikes for the media and press, UCI-Commissaire and staff
    Sign posting on biking and walking trails with time plans
    Rickshaws as a shuttle service
    A car free day with info stand and prizes
    The waiver of motorised forerunners for the Olympic cross country event
    The implementation of low-emission automobiles, environmentaly friendly HYBRID automobiles and diesel driven vehicles with partikel filters are also planned
Green Mountainbike

Waste management

Our goals - waste prevention and waste reduction

  • The use of recycable crockery and glasses for Side-Events
    The use of recycable drink packaging
    Waste paper prevention the the use of USB sticks for the press, team capitans and UCI-Commissaire
    Re-usable materials for fencing purposes
    Separate garbage collection.


Green Mountainbike


For all food and meal options for the Athletes, Press, Spectators, VIPS and staff seasonal and local products for eg, Schladminger BIO-Bier and Styrian Appel juice will be used.


Sparing consumption of water - our life source
Schladminger Spring water, quality water directly from our water lines will be supplied as refreshments during our event in the media lounge, race office, at meetings and in the VIP area.

Gender Mainstreaming

Equal opportunities fot both men and women - balance and social acceptance with the use of correctly spoken and written texts.

Women and cycling

In cycling just like many other sports the participation rate of women is often a problem. Our goal is to increase the number of girls and women taking part and/or showing interest in biking.

Training and awareness

The training of staff and providing information to athletes and guests on location

Sporting events as a Green Event -

  • Making a contribution to environmental protection and sustainability
    To sensitise people and politics and to achieve greater acceptance
    to create interest from partners, sponsors and media
Green Mountainbike

Information and Contacts:

Green Mountain Bike World Cup Schladming-Planai

Project management: Esther Schachner
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